“Princess Peach Getting Hot” | Homemade Peach Iced Tea

July 26, 2014


  “Help me!” Adapted: http://www.number-2-pencil.com/2013/04/16/easy-homemade-peach-iced-tea-recipe/ Blogged: http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/96158466504/princess-peach-getting-hot-homemade-peach-iced Tuned: http://youtu.be/uQcGIcYatdQ

“Happy Doughnut Day” | Soapy Donut Dollies

June 1, 2014


Blogged: tbb  Shop: soon on my etsy shop Tuned: http://youtu.be/zwTyR6_kLjY

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“Ya(w)mas” | Lemon, Mint & Strawberry Ouzo-ade

May 13, 2014


Last time I visited Mytilene I baked those amazing Olive & Ouzo Cupcakes, now I wanted to try that Ouzo-ade recipe I found on Martha Stewart’s blog -adding a few mint leaves & fresh srawberries, aw! Yamas! Adapted: http://www.marthastewart.com/334883/lemon-ouzo-ade Blogged: http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/85815636419/lemon-mint-strawberry-ouzo-ade Tuned: http://youtu.be/jr5Opl9U6joPs. Much love out to Mousiko Kafeneio in Mytilene, one of my most […]

” Happy Easter Bunnies! ” | Bunny Munch Mix

April 20, 2014


    Happy Easter, hunny bunnies! xxx Cooked: I mixed Hershey’s Midly Sweet Chocolate with Peanuts, Popcorn, Strawberry Marshmallows, Sprinkles & White Chocolate. Simple & cute as that! -What does your Easter Bunny taste like? ^_^ Blogged:  http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/83297531740/happy-easter-bunnies-bunny-munch-mix Tuned: http://youtu.be/S-MoXJ4X8Bg  

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“Happy New Treat” | Orange-Ginger Green Tea Latte

January 14, 2014


Happy New Everything! I put so much thought on what the first post of the year would be, so I thought (again) to go easy with one of the things on my “Twenty-Fourteen-Resolution-List”: “Less Beer, More Tea”. Well, ok, I’ll give it a try… Adapted: http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/orange-ginger-green-tea-latte/  Blogged: http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/73298221260/happy-new-treat-orange-ginger-green-tea-latte Tuned: http://youtu.be/-nPgUF3aJvw

“Blue Christmas” | Christmassy Soapy Cupcakes

December 21, 2013


A Christmas Tree, an Elf, a Gift, Santa Claus & a Snowman… in a bathtub.  Blogged: http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/72984419387/techno-lo-lee-ta-blue-christmas-christmassy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/173536164/christmassy-soapy-cupcakes Shooted: Yanna Thomas Tuned: http://youtu.be/3KK6sMo8NBY

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“Peanuts” | Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter

November 27, 2013


“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now & the doesn’t hurt.”  -Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts Comic by Charles M. Schulz Adapted: http://www.averiecooks.com/2013/03/homemade-chocolate-peanut-butter.html Blogged: http://technololitadotcom.tumblr.com/post/72984335503/techno-lo-lee-ta-homemade-chocolate-peanut Tuned: http://youtu.be/s-pFAFsTFTI http://youtu.be/zTFBJgnNgU4

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